The call to lead

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Auteur: Bill Hybels, John Ortberg, Dan B. Allender

What do you do when the laws of leaders and the laws of discipleship and teachings of Christ collide?

Modern business practice and scholarship have honed the laws of the leadership. To achieve success, you're supposed to - among other things - leverage your time, choose a strong team and avoid unnecessary controversy. But happens when the principles collide with the laws of discipleship? Using stories from his own life and ministry, Bill Hybels shows how the laws of leadership sometimes crash headlong into the demands of discipleship. And how the decisions you make at that point could affect not only you, but the destiny of those you lead.

When Leadership and Discipleship Collide also includes the previous releases from the Leadership Library series: Overcoming Your Shadow Mission, by John Ortberg, and Leading Character from Dan Allender.

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